NFX - Powerful, Fast, Accurate & Affordable Analysis Tool

NFX : Total Analysis Solutions for Optimum Design in Multi-disciplines

NFX provides total solutions from Linear static analysis to high-end analysis functions such as nonlinear analysis, contact analysis, Explicit dynamic analysis and fatigue analysis in addition to high-end Computational fluid analysis (CFD) module such as moving mesh, free surface analysis and mass transfer analysis.

Modern and Responsive GUI

midas NFX has a GUI (Graphical User Interface) which is optimized for designers and analysts for better visibility to optimize your FEA simulation and get faster results.

Linear and Nonlinear Static

midas NFX answers the practical requirements of FEA engineers and mechanical designers by providing fast linear and nonlinear capabilities for the analysis of complex assemblies.

Linear and Nonlinear Dynamic

midas NFX can perform also impact or explosion using high end nonlinear dynamic explicit and Implicit analysis to investigate the behavior of your system in a fraction of second.

Thermal Simulation

midas NFX provides all the heat transfer functions to analyze conduction, convection, radiation and thermal stress on your model.


Optimization simplifies the crucial choices that need to be done during every design process to lead more resistant and durable product faster than traditional trial and error process.

CFD Analysis

Midas NFX provides the robustness of a professional CFD solution to determine the characteristics of the flow inside or outside a model with in-built multi-phase and moving mesh capability.


midasNFX provides a high-performance finite element pre-processor that provides a highly interactive and visual environment to analyze product design performance. midasNFX presents the users with an advanced suite of easy-to-use tools to build and edit CAE models. For 2D and 3D model creation, The users have access to a variety of mesh-generation capabilities, as well as the midasNFX‘s powerful auto-meshing functions. midasNFX provides total solutions from high-end structural analysis functions such as contact analysis, nonlinear analysis, explicit dynamic analysis and fatigue analysis in addition to high-end fluid analysis functions such as moving mesh, free surface analysis and mass transfer analysis.

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