” We believe Utilizing CAE at the design stage offers an innovative process, which will lead to securing initial product quality, a decrease in product development time and reduced costs. With the increase in the number of simulations, the need for producing physical prototypes will significantly decrease”. 

THINK SIMULATION is completely dedicated towards latest advancements in product design & validation tools and their effective implementation so as to mold your product concept into practical reality !

We believes in working with you for achieving common goal of better and yet faster product development. We achieve this through combining years of engineering experience in product development and latest software technology, so as to implement customized solution that will bring quicker and precise results. We understand that a traditional product development process evolves around repetitive manufacture of prototypes and testing, leading to an increase in time and costs. Product design can be checked and improved through analytical simulations at the initial stage while reflecting many design parameters and conditions. Such a new process will lead to a significant reduction in design changes downstream.

At THINK SIMULATION we belive in firm relationship which is an essential component for overall progress and growth. With the progressing world we pledge to keep ourselves upgraded by continual investment in technology.

We help our customers quickly evaluate their strengths & weakness through measuring the differences between great and just acceptable products.   We provide a fully customized product design, validation & development solutions for you so that we enjoy your better products in market. Utilizing our solution at the design stage offers an innovative process, which will lead to securing initial product quality, a decrease in product development time and reduced costs. We are an authorized value added reseller for midas NFX – The best in class all in one CAE program & MeshFree which performs finite element analysis on the original CAD model without need for meshing or defeaturing

Time and Cost saving using CAE tools early in design phase

Benefit of using CAE early in the Design Phase

Our Basis

For more than 10 years, THINK SIMULATION has helped innovation leaders use simulation to solve complex engineering challenges.

Our Aim

“Aid industry to solve their engineering challenges by making them aware of engineering simulation tool to optimize their product & minimize product development time and cost”

Our Mission

“Our mission is to provide innovative and latest domain based engineering solutions to Companies, Universities and individuals to secure initial product quality, a decrease in product development time and reduced costs.”

Our Commitment

“Provide superior, timely and dependable engineering solutions that work best for your specific requirements, including size, experience, manpower, timeline and budget. Provide expert hot-line technical support and customized training”

How we work with you ?

Our Approach

  • Understand the engagement, including your big-picture perspectives.
  • Identify your organization’s objectives and your metrics for success.
  • Begin to build a trusted-advisor relationship for the long term

Here are some ways we can help you to be more competitive

  • Validate design concepts early when it’s easy and inexpensive to make changes.
  • Save design time and money, allowing you to get your product to market faster.
  • Eliminate the need for costly prototypes and destructive testing.
  • Balance consumer demands with your bottom line, and win through cost-effective innovation.


  • We can tailor the right mix of engineering analysis services, software, and training to help you become more competitive.
  • More than a decade of CFD and FEA consulting experience—we know what it takes for simulation to be successful.

Need advice?

Contact us to learn more about our CFD or FEA Tools and Our customized training program or to speak with a CFD and FEA consultant.

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